Reactive Maintenance

We all know that things break, accidents happen, and emergencies can occur. Our team have years of experience dealing with all kinds of problems, from flooded floors to leaking gutters, broken shelves and jammed doors.

W&W can offer a reliable and cost effective service which guarantees we’ll get to your school 24 hours a day, should an emergency arise and you need our assistance.

school building contractors flat roof repair - Greater Manchester

We can repair or replace pretty much anything you need – Call us now on 0161 303 8016

school emergency repair parquet floor - reactive maintenance contractors - Greater Manchester

There isn’t much we can’t repair, with our extensive network of trained contractors.

Some examples of our Emergency Repair Services work include: 

Burst pipes
Electrical faults
Storm damage
Roof repair / broken tile replacement
Broken Walls
Joinery and decorating tasks

Here are just some of our School Emergency Repair Projects

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