If your school needs more internal space, let us help you plan, design and build the new space you need.

At W&W we are highly experienced and have a professional team ready to make this happen.

School Extensions
Outbuilding construction
External shelters extending covered areas protected from the elements

W&W School building contractors extension New Moston primary school - Greater Manchester

Keeping your business running smoothly – that’s our business!

school extension building contractors - Greater Manchester

If you’re looking for contractors to work within your school, you’ll need specialist school builders like us; our skills, experience and unique understanding of construction work within educational facilities means we understand the sensitivities and limitations that go with the job.

We can provide advice for school building projects, highlighting any issues such as the layout of space, Health and Safety and fire safety with existing and new buildings.

The first step to removing the risk from a school construction project is to put the project in safe, capable hands.

Here are just some of our School Extension & Building Improvement Projects

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